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Poster: Liamfinnegan Date: Apr 22, 2006 9:23am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Best Jerry Solos?

A lot of your input today is 1981- a great, underated year- especially for jerry- from the spring tour forward he was awesome (including my very first show- 3-9-81)

your input is always welcomed by me, Purple

edit: Love the m enton of the entire history of the band- and lest anyone think I am looking for the "best"- I am not. Just looking for those truly special moments when he breaks through his own patterns and his own preconceptions- the moments where Jerry ceased to be, and the ethereal corporalized out of his guitar

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Poster: Purple Gel Date: Apr 23, 2006 2:04am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Best Jerry Solos?

I believe that 1981 has always been underrated in this forum. I think this is largely by reputation, seeing as the reviews for the shows are often stellar and there are a lot of reviews that start out with " I always thought that 81 was a poor year for the boys but after listening to ....". To me 81 to mid 83 was the best Brent era and, in the quality of the actual music, they were among the last great Dead years. The only complaint I had was the fact that the song list itself was somewhat limited. Those were the days when you were not short changed on first sets (anywhere from 10-13 songs) and Jerry was, as often as not, actually the last guy to leave the stage before drums and actually gave the impression that he did not want to leave the stage and would extend the set rather than, as he would sometimes in later days, be the first to leave. As Liam stated, listen to the spring tour, the Greek run, the Summer Midwest tour and the New Years run (specifically 12-31-81, which to me ranks as the best show of the 80's or 90's) as great examples of how tight they were, how great Brent was and how much fun the band seemed to be having every night.